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Why Choosing Plastic Injection Molding?

The injection molding process boasts a diversity of advantages, among which the most significant ones are shown below:
The process is able to be fully automated to realize high production efficiency (injection molding can be used to mass-produce parts in a very effective way).
The process makes it possible to produce immensely detailed or complicatedly designed parts. What you need is an engineering design company or an internal design department to develop great designs. Yet, the moment apart is manufactured via the injection molding process, there would be little finishing work needing to be done because the produced parts look extremely finished.
To gain the desired material properties in your final products, you are allowed to select a wide range of materials in the plastic injection molding process or mix different materials for a combined outcome. The combined use of more than 1 material (usually 2 different materials) is referred to as co-injection molding. Generally speaking, very little waste will be produced in the injection molding process, because excessive materials are able to be easily recycled.
Mold inserts can be used to produce a new part (through this process, you can change the internal cavity without complete redesigning or re-machining of the steel or aluminum tools by CNC). Apparently, the life cycle of the tooling will be dependent on the injection molding materials, and particularly on the geometry of the part and the barrel temperature of the materials. To be specific, high temperatures and delicate (thin) geometric shapes will shorten the service life of the tooling.
However, the injection molding process also has some distinct disadvantages. For example, the tooling costs are too high that it is not easy for average independent designers to reach them. Keep this in mind; you will know how to choose the alternatives.