• What Are the Considerations for Mold Design?

    Currently, the plastic injection mold industry is faced with fierce competition. The mold cost and injection molding price have become a topic of great concern to every mold maker. Plastic injection mold manufacturers must consider how to l......


  • What Are Injection Mold Design?

    Mold design is a basic but important part in injection molding, regardless of the size and position of the gate, the size of the shear edge, flow assist, cooling and ejector technology, all affect the final mold injection results. It is no ......


  • What Kinds of Material We Use For?

    It is an important decision for you to choose the proper plastic materials for your customized injection molding project. You have to consider multiple factors before selecting the right materials, such as part application, function, flexib......


  • What is Plastic Injection Molding?

    What is Plastic Injection Molding? After the plastic material is heated and plasticized in the injection barrel, the molten plastic flow will be injected into the mold cavity through the sprue and runner system, and finally, take shape afte......


  • Why Choosing Plastic Injection Molding?

    The injection molding process boasts a diversity of advantages, among which the most significant ones are shown below:   The process is able to be fully automated to realize high production efficiency (injection molding can be used to ......