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What Kinds of Material We Use For?

It is an important decision for you to choose the proper plastic materials for your customized injection molding project. You have to consider multiple factors before selecting the right materials, such as part application, function, flexibility, durability, and color. Different plastic molding materials look and behave differently, so the materials you choose will have a direct influence on your products' performance and features. You even need to consider the material's shrinkage rate.
If a plastic injection molded part is made out of a single material for the initial production run, the part dimensions may be affected if you change the material for future productions. This is because different materials show different shrinkage performances.
HooHA offers a wide range of plastic materials to be used for the process. We will also welcome you if you make requests for special resin materials. However, if what you need is not included in the list, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do what we can to meet your personalized material needs. The material we often use is as below: ABS, PA6, PA66, PP, PC, PC/ABS, PS, POM, PPS, and so on.